Explore Manea

The descendants of Kupe welcome you, as do the spirits of our ancestors. Enter Te Hokianga-nui-a-Kupe, our sacred cradle of tribal histories. Walk with us in the footprints of our ancestor – Kupe the intrepid, Kupe the voyager, Kupe the discoverer. Welcome to Manea: Footprints of Kupe!

Kupe, discovered Aotearoa and features in tribal traditions across Aotearoa New Zealand. Kupe secured Hokianga for his descendants before returning to our ancient place of origin, Hawaiiki, in the eastern Pacific. Manea – Footprints of Kupe is fruition of a long held vision by local Kaumātua (elders) to preserve and celebrate our heritage and to share it with our nation and the world.



The Experience

• Pōwhiri (welcome ceremony) and other rituals and customs experienced through interaction with the descendants of Kupe

• Warm and welcoming expert guides – descendants of Kupe

• Immersive 20-minute theatrical extravaganza presenting the great voyage of Kupe through live performance and 4D technology (sight, sound, smell, touch)

• Our history and tribal narrative relayed through carvings

• Personal discovery through interactive digital storytelling

• A retail space – treasures to remember your time with us