Meet Footprints Waipoua

Join us for intimate and spiritual encounters with these majestic giants who have stood silently over thousands of years, through the generations, witnessing the passing of time. Beneath the canopy some of the largest remaining kauri trees in the world, draw from their wisdom and their strength.

Immerse yourselves in our Maori world, reconnecting with the earth and also with the realms beyond, while sharing in a life-changing eco-experience as named by Lonely Planet. Our guides, descendants of this remarkable land relay significance these kauri in our unique eco-system, Waipoua Forest. You will meet Tane Mahuta, the largest of the kauri – and learn of his heroic role in our Maori history of creation.

Reconnect with the elements, reconnect with each other with Footprints Waipoua

The Experience

Activities: Footprints Waipoua offers unique guided forest tour options with expert guides by day or by twilight.

Meals and Accommodation: Footprints Waipoua offers meals at a number of associates’ locations, along with luxury accommodation options

Transport: Footprints provides all transfers inclusive of the experience.