Study Awesome Adventures

Awesome Adventures Hokianga shares historical and cultural experiences via self guided and guided encounters with the Hokianga Harbour. This is a special opportunity to experience the harbour welcome that legendary discoverer Kupe encountered more than one thousand years ago. Hokianga is where he made his home. Therefore, it is where New Zealand’s human story starts.

 Awesome Adventures Hokianga expert Māori guides take you back in time, so you feel how life was. Their stories are not always to be found in the history books. They have been passed down through generations. Students are immersed in awesome adventures while learning about water safety, our environment, our culture and history.  Our education experiences can include fly-fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, team relays, and a beach clean.

Educational Outcomes 

  • A New Zealand history lesson
  • Water safety
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Team building
  • Environmental sustainability