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Awesome Adventures Hokianga provides a historical and cultural experience through hosted accommodation and a range of adventures, guided and self-guided around the Hokianga. The Hokianga is unique as this is the place where our story starts.

Kupe, the great Polynesian explorer landed here around 925AD and this is the only place in Aotearoa, he called home. Experienced Māori guides take you on a journey back in time as you journey the Hokianga Harbour – feel how life was. Many of the stories we share you won’t find in the history books – they have been passed down the generations. Come kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, kayak fishing, jetski fishing, rock fishing, Jetskis safaris.

The Experience

Opo Memorial: A few sea stops on the way, then visit “Opo the friendly dolphin’s” place of passing. Duration of 1 hour.

Harbour Explorer: This safari takes you from Opononi to Rawene and back with some incredible sea stops on the way! Duration of 2.5 hours.

The Full Awesome: This safari takes you 40km up the harbour to the small settlement of Horeke. Duration of 3.5 hours.

Kaimoana: Let’s go gather some kaimoana (seafood), come back and cook it up and share it together. Duration of 1.5 hours.

Te Ika O Hokianga: Jetski fishing is now available in the Hokianga. Duration of 2.5 hours.