Study Footprints Waipoua

Footprints Waipoua is an immersive encounter with the giants of our forest, the Kauri Discover how our forest and the giant Kauri trees are intertwined with the hearts and lives of local Māori. Discover the role of Kauri in the forest’s eco-system.

Meet the mighty Tane Mahuta in an experience that will stay with learners for their lifetime. Daytime or twilight tours are offered by expert guides who whakapapa (connect) to the  Waipoua Forest, to Kupe and to the Hokianga region. The narrative they share is one handed down through many generations, as far back as the beginning of time.

The Experience

  • Experience Maori protocols connected to the world of Tane (karakia, mihi, waiata)
  • Learn the creation narrative of Ranginui, Papatūānuku and the heroism of Tane Mahuta
  • Experience the world of Tāne Mahuta
  • Understand the role of the ngahere (forest) to our collective wellbeing
  • Identify trees and their specific role in Maori life
  • Learn the life cycle of the Kauri
  • Understand the meaning and importance of kaitiakitanga
  • Learn the history of the Waipoua Forest

Footprints Waipoua Educational Materials

Educational materials have been developed by qualified education specialists to support schools before, during, and after the visit. We also offer the experience to international students and provide information links to the United Nations Sustainable Goals framework.