Meet Manea 

The descendants of Kupe welcome you, as do the spirits of our ancestors. Enter Te Hokianga-nui-a-Kupe, cradle of tribal histories and the beginning of New Zealand’s story. Walk in the footprints of Kupe the intrepid, Kupe the voyager, Kupe the discoverer.

Kupe, features in tribal traditions across Aotearoa, New Zealand and across the Pacific. Hokianga is where Kupe made his home – and the place he secured for his descendants. Within a generation of Kupe’s return journey to Hawaiiki (origin of Maori) his descendants – the ancestors from whom the Hokianga people descend, returned to these shores.

The Experience

Our whakapapa (connection) is our identity. Manea – Footprints of Kupe was developed from a vision held by local Kaumātua (senior tribal elders) for preserving and celebrating our heritage and sharing it with our nation and with the world.

This whakapapa and the endeavours of our ancestor Kupe are the fabric from which we develop bespoke corporate, incentive and meeting programs to meet the event objectives.

Interactive exchanges with our expert guides, our carvers and our elders can be arranged in addition to the 75 minutes guided experience for corporate groups and partner programs.